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Scuba Diving Charters at the Carolina Dive Locker

Dreaming of exploring the waters of offshore Charleston?  The Southeast has artificial reefs, ledges, and wreck diving.  You never know what type of experience the day will bring...a pod of dolphins, large schools of fish, large pelagic fish/lobster, sharkes, sea turtles and much more!  Book your trip with Carolina Dive Locker today!

Generally, we will be running charters beginning early May 2019 on Fridays, Saturdays (60 ft and shallower), and Sundays (deep 60+ ft) (weather dependent).  We are offering 2-tank recreational charter dives, and will be offering 2-tank spearfishing trips soon.  We recommend advance divers for the deeper dives planned on Sundays. Our dive vessel is named RDC1, she is a coast guard certified 28 foot Delta vessel.  Prices for charters range from $155 - $185 and does not include rental gear.

With the Gulf Stream so far off the coast of Charleston, SC, our charters are a full day on the water giving you plenty of time to view the marine life topside as well as below the ocean blue.  

BLACKWATER RIVER DIVING: this type of diving is popular around the lowcountry.  It is required to have a Hobby License to collect from the water.  You can apply online HERE.



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