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Now Offering Freediving & Mermaid Classes!



CDL now offering SSI Freediving Level 1, Basic Freediving and Try Freediving classes.  

Freediving Level 1 will offer physiology of breath hold diving, safety, static apnea practice, pool & open water dives with a buddy of 20 m (65 feet).  The course is split into two sections: Pool/Academic training and the Open Water portion.  Minimum age 12 years old.

Basic Freediving offers an introductory knowledge of breath hold diving physiology, safety, and pool/confined training and diving to depths with a buddy down to 5 m (15 ft).  Minimum age 10 years old.

Try Freediving offers an introduction to breath hold diving and safety in a confined water environment. Minimum age 10 years old.

 ocean mermaid


CDL now offering SSI Try Mermaid & Ocean Mermaid classes.  

Try Mermaid offers a great workout of monofin swimming & introduces you to the world of mermen and mermaids.  Minimum age 6 years old.

Ocean Mermaid will teach you all you need to take your mermaid journey deeper by swimming in an open water environment, like a real life aquaman/mermaid down to 5 m (15 ft).  Minimum age 12 years old.

*For more information about course specifics, please email CarolinaDiveLocker@gmail.com*

About the Instructor

Mel Mermaid

Melannie, also our Manager and one of our SCUBA instructors, is passionate about breath-hold diving.  She has been fortunate to have been trained by the most talented Nick Fazah from East Coast Divers and has also worked along side world record freediver, William Winram, for an introduction to breath-hold diving while doing coral reef research in Bali, Indonesia.  A marine biologist by training, she adds a mix of ocean conservation to her teaching and looks forward to offering this amazing art of breath-hold diving to South Carolina.  To learn more, please join the Carolina Freediving Facebook Page today.