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  • Lionfish Roundup

Lionfish Roundup

 2024 Carolina Dive Locker Lionfish Roundup - 

1. Buddy Teams may begin collecting Lionfish once they have paid the tournament entrance fee of $100.  Registration begins on 24 May 2024 at the Tradesman Brewing Company 

2. Buddy Teams may use spearguns, Hawaiian slings, pole spears or Lionfish slings to harvest Lionfish.  No bang sticks shall be used to harvest Lionfish.

3. Winner will be determined by total Lionfish heads turned in. This is the honor system so no consolidating of catches.   Lionfish heads harvested can be turned in at the Carolina Dive Locker during normal working hours Monday-Friday 10 am-6 pm.   Carolina Dive Locker Staff will maintain the Lionfish head count for Lionfish harvested prior to the end of the tournament.

4. Tournament Grand prize pays top three places based on total lionfish heads collected.  1st Place prize is $2000, 2nd Place is $1000, and third place is $500 and a Toadfish Filet Knife.  Additionally, head count leader prizes will be issued to the leading buddy team at the monthly head count meetings at various sponsored locations.  

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2024 Carolina Dive Locker Lionfish Roundup - 

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