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Check out all the great stuff we've added to the store!

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This program provides you with the training and knowledge required to safely freedive with a buddy in open water environments to depths of 20 meters (66 feet). You will earn the SSI Freediver certification after completing this program.

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"Mel has been one of the best instructors I have had the pleasure of meeting and learning from in the 36 years of diving, and I have had many over the years. Her passion, enthusiasm and teaching technique is superb. Her fun personality and compassion makes the learning experience both fun and low stress. Thank you."  - Freedive Level-1 Student, 2020

"I recently took the freediving level 1 course with Melannie. He teaching and guidance through the course was outstanding. Her knowledge of the sport and the science was very obvious and her presentation of the information very clear and helpful. And perhaps most of all, her love of freediving, the water, and helping people become more comfortable in the water shined brightly throughout the course. Thank you for the great learning experience Melannie!" - Freedive Level-1 Student, 2020

"Took the Freedive level 1 course and the instructor Melannie was the best. Due to CoVid, class size was quite small. Very chill course with relaxed atmosphere, which is what you need in that sort of course. After registering, Melannie begun correspondence to ensure I knew how to register my online account and I could access the proper online education. Throughout the classroom portion, all material was paced well so nothing felt glossed over. Some topics the class was passionate about and would nerd out on a specific bits of information, which made the class feel less rigid. Owner of the shop even popped in to say hi to everyone and introduce himself. The following weekend we begun our pool sessions for the course. The pool we used was about 24 min away from the dive shop and it was a decent pool. Melannie led the session off with guided stretching for about 15 minutes before the pool which is always helpful. Completed all pool skills in a few hours with the couple students in attendance. Finally on the third day of the course we proceeded to our open water skills testing at a sand quarry lake about 40 minutes away. Once we arrived, Mel used her personal knowledge of yoga and led us through some poses and meditation which REALLY set the tone for the day; big plus and very happy. Once in the lake we weren't pushed too fast to where we felt uncomfortable and could proceed with skills once we felt ready. The overall lake was nice and calm with around mid 70s Fahrenheit at the time of our class (5mil suit was nice). Visibility was good and you could see the bottom to where the line ended. Given the small class size, there was plenty of oversight and we weren't rushed at all. We even had some time at the end to do some fun dives and take some underwater photos thanks to our Scuba bro camera man... thanks Dave.
I've said everything you can expect from what this class offers. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and would definitely recommend it if you're thinking about taking a class." 
- Freedive Level-1 Student, 2020

"I really meant the title! I have been diving for over 40 years. I taught SCUBA at YMCA's in Chicago for ten years and at Duke University for two years. I am also trained as an ENT MD. I've dove deep wrecks in the great lakes, ice dived, and dove the caves in central Florida. I simply took the Free Dive course with my wife on a whim in order to ease her back into the water in preparation for an upcoming SCUBA trip. But we both got so more out of the course than I ever anticipated! Free Diving is so much more than going on a snorkel. I am now recommending it to my buddies who are already SCUBA certified. Melanie dove DEEP (pun intended) into this fascinating and complex topic. The course was very comprehensive and well designed. Melanie has superb communication skills and is highly intelligent. Her lectures were interesting, and since she has dove with competitive free divers she knows the topic inside and out. She welcomed my questions and challenges when I dug deep into anatomy and physiology. In the open water phase, she was incredibly safe and attentive. She is a natural in the water. She was also very sincerely and enthusiastically supportive. I am 62 years old and not in outstanding physical shape. By the end of the class, I could descend to 30 feet quite easily. I KNOW I could not have done that were it not for Melanie's teaching. My wife was at first unenthusiastic about taking the class. But after the classroom and pool classes, she changed her mind and insisted that we complete the open water portion. We both still have a couple of skills to complete. We hope to do that after our upcoming trip. And Melanie is being so accommodating, giving us flexibility to complete it after our trip. Plus, she's pretty and funny!"  - Freedive Level-1 Student, 2019

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